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The Starway Premier Tianan Rega Hotel (Xingcheng Tian'an Ruijia Jiudian) is located within easy reach of top Beijing tourist sights like the Forbidden City,  Tian'anmen Square and Wangfujing commercial area.
This Beijing hotel also provides services in the business center and offers meeting rooms for orchestrating any conference or event.[View Detail]

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  • lanmengyux
    To convenient see rose flag staying of, handle staying and check out are also compared fast. to Tiananmen and Palace gate does is near. just from Palace smart door out, roadside full is people and coach, go has is long is bus back hotel. Hotel dinner to go to Wangfujing there compared good, Tiananmen side impossible has restaurant. only sent has single early, downstairs only sold simple earlier of, not convenient. many tour of coach in downstairs collection. Howe standard is two Zhang 1.2-meter of bed, hotelA bit old, but the room is very spacious.
  • aadsad
    All right
  • bjane
    7,581 too expensive! room!
  • billy_xbl
    Very satisfied, regardless of the environment or geographical location of the hotel, is very great. convenient locations are the best.
    Except for near Tiananmen Square, others have nothing to say, should not be selected.
  • louwu
    Hotel location is very good, two old rooms at this with more than 80 years old, I feel very good, environment and location is very good, to Beijing will choose this hotel next time!
  • E04348018
    Only a very small window, make people feel uncomfortable. facilities, cleaning is also very clean, convenient, very close to Tiananmen Square, less than 10 minutes ' walk, suitable for the morning to watch the flag-raising
  • garyrui21
    Location is good, distance Metro mouth is near, night out shopping Xia Tiananmen appreciate Xia night is comfortable, next is Wangfujing shopping mall shopping also is convenient. Hotel upper and lower elevator need brush room card, around environment also feel is security, breakfast buffet if room not containing early, at their own expense 88 Yuan/bit, varieties also is rich. room configuration General, I is even live 3 late, clean room aunt often less put things, like towel, slippers, water.
  • onion
    Photos on the map and the actual rooms are totally incompatible
  • junole
    Staid in the hotel few times, it has really good location, not far away from the train station (by taxi) and takes around 30 minutes till airport (without traffic jams). Internet is not so fast and sometimes there is no internet sio thats the minus. Breakfast is expensive in my opinion.
  • e00018761
    Facility is a little old, but good health, plus extremely convenient location, location is OK, service was very good
  • e00103727
    Hotel location is very good, not far from the Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square the forbidden city.
  • vanya~
    Old Nice
  • e04596303
    Nice hotel, just next to the Wangfujing, out shopping very convenient. hotel buffets in General, too little. There are now summer, guest room or bed. should be on top of mattresses spread bamboo cool mat the best.
  • d00947928
    Very nice hotel, very good service, come back much, forgetting rated, sorry
  • alina85
    Good location
  • celestelujin
    Nice hotel, good location, away from the Tiananmen Square, and convenient to the Wangfujing Street are only ten minutes ' walk to. transportation is very convenient, public transportation, subway lines. is the high price, pocket the ocean less than Ah!
  • arbutus
    It's OK
  • guowenxia1688
    All right
  • juyie1975
    Located in Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square in the Middle, on both sides of the fastest takes only 5 minutes on foot, public transportation at the door to the bird's nest and the Temple of heaven, and to other attractions and the airport are also just two hundred or three hundred meters walk to the Wangfujing subway station and change, excellent front desk and room service, rooms are plain but clean offers toiletry, free breakfast was also great.
  • baby124741131
    Kids view the flag-raising, tour the National Palace Museum, is very convenient, East of Wangfujing, is meals and store more. just don't know, fried bean sprouts with tapas alley opposite the Hotel West point, direct is a sauce noodles, get ripped off did not discuss. a large room, are the window interiors, a little stuffy.
  • pagan11
    Hotels geographical location, rooms clean and tidy, fully equipped
  • lxm85210
    Very close to Tiananmen Square, the environment is good ... good.
  • william83
    Hotel environment and service attitude is good! next time will visit again!
  • jiudiangyy
    Earlier good environment is good, will stay again.
  • antonio0710
    From Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is so close that the travel is convenient, more a man 88 is a little expensive for breakfast! Wi-Fi, knew mini router without it! elevator has to swipe a safe Word
  • etunjour
    Location good, room also good, make clear within window is open zainei patio in, is can open of. consider to hotel in Tiananmen Square, Palace, Wangfujing are is a step of away, price is is good has. hotel near dinner of place less points has, addition, hardware facilities should up not to four star's, but children think good, has opportunities also will live of.
  • figo031
    From Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street, National Museum, the working people's Palace, and Beihai Park in close proximity, traffic is convenient! restaurants around place for many, the first Oriental Plaza and the new Dong an Plaza food court.
  • iimare
    Hotel a bit old
    Other is near Tiananmen Square
  • allen04
    Friendly and kind
  • dlsl623
    Location didn't say, hotel facilities is very good next to Beijing would also choose this
  • commentss
    Receptionist enthusiastic, good location
  • anyanruining
    Environment is very good
  • gglfxm
    Man, really good location, out of turning on the right is Changan Street, go straight for five minute to Tiananmen Square, the room is not big, okay, slightly expensive prices, room was very difficult
  • lin2919938
    The forbidden city, the room is too small, the so-called Inside Room is a wall outside the window.
  • jfaiyr
    Good location, in the West of Tiananmen, near Wangfujing, convenient hotel facilities meet the needs
  • feedwood
    Very satisfied
  • cloud_tang
    Very good location, hotel facilities, rooms very small
  • VIP-Feeling love
    Very good location, to Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing are within ten minutes, the Temple of heaven, one bus at the front door. Prince Gong's mansion is.
  • freesnowfreefly
    High performance-price ratio, good location
  • e long journey
    From Wangfujing subway station very close to walking 10 minutes, environment is also good, shopping is very convenient. WiFi is too slow, occasionally dropping, don't know if it's because the room location? breakfast can, basic types, but is a single early, spend 88 Yuan plus one, still feels a bit expensive.
  • cl1962
    Good health, facilities, service was very good, location was excellent, left home very convenient!
    Good location, other prominent!
  • auldlang2003
    The surrounding environment, absolute quiet, services are also very enthusiastic
  • laotao
    Good location
  • beile
    Good, trustworthy
  • jeramiewang
    Very nice hotel, health, transportation, services, and environments are satisfactory, preferred to travel to Beijing.
  • danson8801
    Antique, slightly Shen people
  • wawawa724
    Next to Tiananmen Square, subway, easy travel, watch the flag is very convenient, next time I come to Beijing stay here, rooms are very good.