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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Pechino Tian'an Ruijia Hotel (Starway Premier Tianan Rega Hotel Beijing), L'hotel si trova nell'edificio Tian'an, Huahalong Street, adiacente a Chang'an Street, adiacente alla Città Proibita, Tian'anmen Gate, Wangfujing e altri famosi punti panoramici. La ristorazione, il tempo libero, lo shopping e altre strutture sono tutti disponibili, e il trasporto è molto conveniente.
L'hotel è un tradizionale edificio in stile cinese con uno slancio magnifico. È integrato con gli edifici circostanti per creare un'atmosfera antica.L'hotel dispone di tutti i tipi di camere lussuose e spaziose e Suite, con tutti i tipi di strutture interne e 24 megabyte di ultra veloce banda larga, in modo che gli ospiti possano ancora godere di una vita di internet liscio sul viaggio.
Ristorante cinese e occidentale forniscono piatti cinesi di Sichuan, Shandong e Guangdong Based e piatti deliziosi e puri occidentali; oltre al business e al tempo libero, gli ospiti possono anche godere di una varietà di caffè fine e tè elegante.
L'ultimo piano dell'hotel ha un giardino a tetto di 1000 metri quadrati. Si può avere una vista ravvicinata dell'uccello di Pechino, la cerimonia di sollevamento e abbassamento della bandiera della Porta di Tian'anmen e il panorama della Città Proibita. Si può sperimentare stili diversi nella vita urbana veloce-pacata!
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Recensioni Ancora
  • guojunpeng
    Accommodation in very good condition, the traffic is very convenient, close to Wangfujing Street and very close to the Metro station. rooms are not very good.
  • CY4233
    From the Line 1 subway near, morning and evening peaks hit his car at least you can take the subway. nice room, suitable for business travellers, near the lively than before.
  • caojun170
    OK, a little expensive
  • jiming
    Was very close to Wangfujing Street, the bed was very comfortable, breakfast good.
  • aa ha ha
    Hotel location very good! 5-minute walk from Wangfujing, travel is more convenient
  • pplane
    Good location!
    Very good
  • e02716586
    Free upgrade for me, swing altogether outside the room, super convenient, breakfast was good, the price is a bargain
  • lauralan1002
    Great location, value for money can also ... but cannot enter the court room too hot, there is no air conditioning but the quilt is thick!
  • wolfgun
    From Wangfujing is close, convenient. small rooms, but health can be, two persons, but only provides a single breakfast, one charging 88 Yuan, was cheating! no parking, car not to believe here.
  • emma5729
    That's good.
  • m00163189
    Good location, rooftop rooftop was good. in addition, useless, Hall filled with a flavor, the room is called interior view window, in fact, there is no, outside of the window was a wall, very old, breakfast variety, taste is also very general.
  • bfbobo
    Good location, or to a healthy environment, overall okay
  • Lyn508
    Good, quiet
  • coreman
    Is very general, the bed was hard.
  • jnparadise
    Very good really is 5 minutes from Wangfujing clean but a little, but still expensive
  • merel
    Entered the room to see the Super King bed, say 2.4 metres, turned out to be two people bed to ... Not much time in the hotel, the overall feeling is good--
  • e01233130
  • jiangbo610
    Is the second time staying here, excellent location, convenient traffic, was very close to Tiananmen Square.
  • calvinwu1004
    Travel to Beijing, this hotel, located in the Wangfujing Street 1-2 Street is Tiananmen isolation, belonging to the city center, convenient, hotel front desk service very good! every time out to play in the morning, came back very clean room will help you to get a change of clothes neatly folded, very recommended!
  • cao2003wei
    Hotel facilities General, Dou is nearly away from Tiananmen. Members ' points when booking online cash back, this time I booked three rooms, no cash back, a difference of more than 500 Yuan! remind everyone to note when booking!
  • jojofeifei
    Room is poor, place.
  • www324
    Excellent location, quiet and comfortable. recommended!
  • coucou75
    Like, price is not high, breakfast not good, good location, suitable to attend
  • ice-xu
    Is already booked to foreigners several times, they agreed that the location, in a quiet, especially suitable for business travel balancing short-term visits, especially when going out can be easily reached on foot or by Metro, very good!
  • JessyJ
    Well, where is very convenient, there is the bus stop at the door, is the early price not high
  • PAN.PAN520
    Location, convenient
  • boliwaer
    Room no said Chang ' an avenue, near the Wangfujing. so value is worth, have the opportunity to.
  • ldc384736798
    Hotel is a bit old, but it could be, overall attitude is a little weak!
  • e00134840
    Price, find a moderately priced accommodation in Beijing is difficult. site OK, went to the airport is more convenient.
  • feixia
    Great location convenient, service satisfaction
  • anne728
    Slow, Internet or annoying, one room only two devices to register, more than one Internet access would not, since there is a password account restrictions, why would you limit me equipment! and the Internet again, again, lost password, account number, or display a WIFI signal are not on the Internet, this is the Internet access in the hotel where she lived the most annoying hotels!
  • peiximamaxb
    Its unique geographical position! visit Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city and Wangfujing pedestrian only 20 minutes travel! hotel, health, quiet, clean, close to convenient! affordable! should be travel, hotel good choice! Beijing will choose this hotel next time! choose best of with Windows that open, it would be perfect!
  • gongxiaoming66
    Pretty good
  • aliceyinyin2005
    Location is convenient, 10 minutes walk away from Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is 10 minutes, service was good. room amenities, is the noise a bit. overall was satisfactory.
  • oldlian
    Very good. Windows are inclined skylight, can't see outside, and you can only see a vast expanse of sky
  • amemori
    Overall, went to Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city very convenient, the hotel service is not my hope that future improvements
  • Ilinca
    It wasn't too bad
  • margie3039
    Good location, clean hotel in good ... worth the price, just a lot of room no window ~~
  • arial
    Very convenient, hotel equipment and the room didn't seem to reach a four-star standard
  • feilc
    Which is very nice
  • amdjj
    Stay behind here is easy when staying at the first day of building decoration construction waste is very noisy at night front desk to change on this side of the road because of a two-story window but very quiet stay for four nights in a row only regret is that seven-floor rooftop bar of the full moon on the mid-autumn day was raining unfortunately can see Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city at night of autumn
  • e00230827
    Very comfortable, it is a little expensive
  • Sunagu
    Room was a bit small, but still comfortable. business twin room with a window well. little big bed room cost is not high, nor too comfortable, lock or bad.
  • yangfan198
  • gogoyo
    To help foreign friend, they said.
  • e00220968
    Can also be
  • a235942880
  • fuyunoayi
    Good location, minutes from Hotel Wangfujing. to the forbidden city, and Tiananmen Square are near. However, roof to watch the flag-raising was not acceptable. room was small! two people turn up! in Beijing is too dry, nose flows! only breakfast for one very sick man!
  • abbeysstar
    Good, not bad.