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Samsung announced that, from now on the temporary closure of China's biggest flagship store experience

Date: 2020-02-03

In addition to samsung, apple also recently announced it will close in mainland China all retail stores, offices and call centres, but online store and the former will continue as normal business.

On February 3, samsung China, are given for careful consideration, and according to the latest health experts suggest that from now on to February 9, samsung flagship store (the bund) will suspend business experience.

It is reported that samsung flagship store (the bund) is located in the Shanghai nanjing dong lu, experience is the first samsung in China and experience the biggest flagship store, the store on October 18, 2019 officially opened.Samsung had communication will be held in the samsung on China's domestic market in the first 5 g phones samsung Galaxy A90 5 g.

In addition to samsung, Apple also recently closed temporarily located in Qingdao, nanjing and fuzhou three Apple Store retail stores, announced it will close in mainland China all retail stores, offices and call centres, but online Store and the former will continue as normal business.

For before the outbreak, China samsung announced on January 31, will be sent to you by the Red Cross Society of China, donated 30 million yuan, to fight the new coronavirus outbreak.

Samsung said in a statement at the time, in addition to the donation of 30 million yuan, they are still in the donation section contains 1 million professional respirators and 10000 sets of protective clothing are in the south Korean emergency procurement, procurement will be the first time to China, after the completion of which will be needed for the outbreak of front.

In 2019, according to the report before, 5 g global smartphone shipments of 18.7 million units, including samsung following huawei second, shipments for 6.5 million units, market share is 35.8%, and the global handset shipments, samsung mobile phones in the whole year of 2019 global shipments for 300 million units, market share of 21.8%, still firmly.

For samsung mobile phones, at present the Chinese market is their biggest pain points, and its influence in the market more and more small, market share has been hovering around 1%, and in order to adjust the strategy, its closed factories in China, and increased the proportion of ODM model, in order to greatly reduce the development cost and artificial cost, keep the cell phone has a better price to compete with domestic brands such as huawei, millet.

In addition, samsung mobile phones more and more in the global market by huawei, millet, OPPO and vivo, such as the impact of the domestic mobile phone, in order to guarantee the status of industry leader, are they optimize the mode of existing products, such as more innovative high-end machines, to run a mid-range phones shipped, at the same time, according to the different market to customize different models, so that we can more meet the needs of the local users, and ODM model can also make them more advantages in the pricing.