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2018 national work conference on green hotel evaluation mechanism and index system of national standard new conference was held in Beijing

Date: 2018-07-27

2018 national work conference on green hotel evaluation mechanism and index system of national standard new conference held in Beijing international hotel in July 26.The meeting of the national green hotel working committee, the China hotel association, the national green hotel working committee office, the China association of hotel accommodation industry department to undertake, tsinghua university, Meituan hotel, IDM hotel institute, from 20 many provinces city of countrywide business bureaus, green hotel working organs and more than 150 green hotel reviewers to attend exchange and training.
A whole new, China green hotel set sail

The meeting with 19 big green development concept, the full implementation of the ministry of commerce consumption upgrading plan of action, advocate green consumption, stable cross green hotel national standard rating conditions the revised content, promote the green hotel evaluation institutions around the work quality and work ability, green hotel national standard registered assessors share industry development the new normal, the new trend and new mode, comprehensive upgrade for building China's green hotel, the conference is divided into six chapters:

1, the new policy to share: invite the ministry, the national green hotel working committee, the China hotel association leadership interpretation of green consumption upgrade policy, industry green development of the latest research results;

2, authoritative data release: invite school of architecture, tsinghua university professor release the latest data of energy consumption of the hotel industry analysis report, showing the international green hotel energy-saving research model results;

3, standard upgrade to unscramble: share last year, by more than 30 green specialists teamed up with research of China's green hotel new national standard grading rules, show the latest achievements in energy consumption indicators in line with international standards;

4, example: summary of the past decade green hotel stable cross work, invite outstanding green hotel local agencies as well as the excellent green hotel enterprise experience results;

5, China green hotel double twenty fall to the ground of the project:

(1) cooperate with another red etc for 3 m small and medium-sized hotel chain collaboration "China green hotel. Clean room core action", provide consumers with the whole clean linen products traceable, rest assured the security;

(2) and live with science and technology, dreams lily, park road, such as water and green industry chain brand officially launched China's green ecological hotel guest room implementation plan, through the air, water, grass cloth, consumable, intelligent control and so on multi-dimensional combination, build 100 high quality green home high-end hotels rooms, full gear upgrades;

(3) the industry well-known brands, according to China's green hotel gb new indicators and ministry of green hotel construction standard requirements, to invest in construction and upgrade, together to create a 3-5 national benchmarking enterprise, different formats and become the industry model.

(4) cooperation with tsinghua university, institute of IDM institutions, around the "earnings growth of 20%, a 20% reduction in emissions targets, the qualitative index optimization of operational measures the quantitative index, market segment for difference evaluation, by integrating the expert resources, technology, capital, for the green hotel enterprises to provide professional counseling and docking, realize the double 20 goals.

6, review management to keep pace with The Times, held the national green hotel work institutions closed-door meetings and rater training new score.According to China's green hotel upgrade requirements, research by the new China green hotel evaluation measures for the management and the measures for the administration of judges, issued a new batch of national green hotel work agency authorization, green hotel board group leader.