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Chinese experience in building a national hotel brand

Date: 2018-07-31

As the earliest open field in China, hotel is an indispensable window for inheriting national culture.

Rooted in rich cultural soil, Chinese hotel brands have become the backbone of the global hotel industry in recent years. The rising power of Chinese hotel groups is not to be underestimated.

We should not only build hotels with Chinese characteristics, but also build national brands with international standards. At the 18th edition of BBS, representatives of China hotel group gathered together to share their experience and views on building Chinese brands.

"The national brand needs to have its own soul, while the hotel is the carrier of culture. Overseas Chinese city focuses on quality and strives to create classic products."
Gold-sun shenzhen oct hotel group co., LTD. General manager, said oct hotel development of shenzhen bay hotel started from 1982, along with the development of shenzhen special zone, whether it is with the Spanish culture as the theme of oct hotel, with Italian culture as the theme of the Venice hotel, with southeast Asian culture as the theme of the seaview hotel, or with hydrological changes into the theme of wormwood, root waterfall hotel culture emphasize its own theme, create landmark products, make the hotel to visit scenic spots, differentiate themselves rather than the massive replication.

Do hotel is one hundred, gold-sun, said more than 30 years, countless oct hotel people work hard, only in order to achieve a common dream, that is to build the Chinese own national brand, gain good economic benefits at the same time, his humanism, many current group are acquiring brands, however, the actual management effects are not so good, investigate its so, because the enterprise itself is less than the home of kung fu, the so-called "while the iron is hot still need their own hard", "products to build national brand, is the first step, their products have characteristic, competitive, talents and other brands to compete, products must keep pace with The Times, constantly upgrading,
Whether it is advocating health concept or combining with science and technology, only by creating products that meet the market demand can we achieve detour overtaking in the future.