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In Beijing IP hotel MUJI style comes from where?

Date: 2018-08-09

Founded in Japan world famous grocery brands - muji has started to crossover into the hospitality industry.MUJI hotel Beijing officially opened a month ago, it is also one of the few IP hotel in Beijing.Big IP built-in web celebrity aura, opening date hotel lobby there is still a constant stream of visitors and MUJI fans, expensive rooms is still tight, some room reservation in when it opened in September, dining is not can only bitter allelic to book in advance.Under a hot, there are still companies took out a calculator, for the Beijing fang limited service boutique hotel is located in the front door calculated brushstroke zhang: Beijing MUJI hotel has six room a total of 42 rooms, price between 500-3000 yuan /, if according to the 365 days throughout the year, the occupancy rate 100% to calculate, the room revenue for the whole year is about 16 million yuan.Beijing fang shops rent every day about 20 yuan/square meters, MUJI hotel Beijing accounted for area of about 4000 square meters.MUJI, Beijing hotel annual rent of 29 million yuan.Restaurant, library, that is to say, even if the 2 layers "vending machines" and MUJI retail stores are high speed, MUJI hotel Beijing appeared to also just enough to barely afford the rent, but operating a hotel need artificial, energy consumption and a series of costs.It also makes people wonder, this seems not to make money the business logic behind the hotel.
When talking to the hotel staff, and most of the IP hotel, Beijing MUJI hotel also carry the brand display the function of the consumption and make scene, so it is to open a such IP hotel value directly for advertising or brand value, only the MUJI can calculate the bill.Apart from those "lobby too noisy" "guest room price low trough, the IP hotel there is still a place worthy of learning.

First consider effective flow, when it is in the location of Beijing MUJI hotel to choose the most prosperous neighborhood in the city, Beijing will become a "culture, experience and characteristic" as leading industries, with characteristic of dashilan cultural creative industry, leisure and tourism industry and cultural creative clusters and combining the characteristics of business of traditional culture experience area.This means not only of the off-season, here and there will be a most of the visitors to have a certain grade and consumption ability, and pay attention to the way of life, this is muji to guide people.Plus in the large city can see tiananmen square restaurant its rarity, only by this hotel is very attractive, can let these valuable, but effective "flow" actively into the hotel.

Followed by a consistent brand concept, MUJI hotel Beijing MUJI has been introduced into the design concept and product, light, milky white, ash color combination, everywhere decoration log, the other 887 stores with MUJI global style.Guest room 70% of all items from muji, even small snacks and coffee is no exception.That's not all, however, the relevant person in charge of shenzhen MUJI hotel once said in an interview with the media, since it is IP hotel, then a MUJI hotel's operation is in understanding the MUJI brand concept and spirit on the basis of the product.MUJI hotel Beijing also is so, for example in the lobby long show on the stage, is playing with a thick Beijing flavour but not costly old objects, and the "Beijing fang" no acosmia outside feeling.And most library books related to art and life, a lot of is a rare classic books, there is also a part of children fondle admiringly senior children's books.All of these and simple, natural, rich texture of MUJI type of modern life philosophy.IP hotel is not the IP products piled up in space, let a person of brand concept in the hotel have a more profound understanding and identity.

Again is insist on direct determination, many people think that only in the MUJI hotel official website and micro letter has its own platform MUJI hotel Beijing too confident of making reservation.However, as is their own brand of IP hotel publicity, direct selling should be insisted on the way to go.Although the OTA online will certainly increase the tourists, but from another perspective, MUJI when operating a MUJI hotel know what oneself want.Just opened soon, of course, MUJI hotel Beijing will also face the trials of the heat after attenuation, whether the future will change business strategy is also unknown.Can a MUJI hotel Beijing was hit, remains to be seen.