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Zhaolong hotel turns into a boutique hotel Beijing capital tourism launched a revolution of the old hotel

Date: 2019-08-11

As the change of market pattern in recent years, the main business of accommodation industry reform has become a centerpiece of Beijing capital tourism group.Late August 5, hyatt hotel group announced the first north zhaolong hotel (the original zhaolong hotel) will be made by the group of independent brand series Joie DE Vivre management, new decoration of the hotel will be in the fourth quarter of 2019 open in Beijing's chaoyang district sanlitun.It is understood that the first north zhaolong hotel is affiliated with Beijing capital tourism group, after the hotel property, was heavily upgrade, after the introduction of hyatt hotel group's brand management, to a boutique hotel, added to the sanlitun area of competition.But the first north zhaolong hotel is only part of the old Beijing capital tourism hotel revolution, it was revealed that the future will also have the old hotel in Beijing capital tourism group new formats.

It is reported, reshipment after first north zhaolong hotel has 202 guest rooms.For the introduction of hyatt hotel's new brand, director of hyatt's global operations in greater China Sir, the first new north zhaolong hotel after opening, will become the hyatt in the asia-pacific region's first Joie DE Vivre hotel brand, the brand positioning for the local amorous feelings and unique style of independent boutique hotel, at the same time also will attract tourists surrounding communities.

Data shows, zhaolong hotel invested by well-known entrepreneurs yue-kong pao, opened in 1985, for Beijing the first batch of modernization of foreign-related tourism hotel.Since the ranks, Beijing capital tourism group by Beijing capital tourism hotel management, hotel began to renovation in 2018.

Beijing capital tourism group chairman segment is strong in an interview with reporters said, "Beijing capital tourism group has dozens of property hotel, in view of its hotels, property of the older generation, Beijing capital tourism group, the" revolution "in the hotel industry, the old hotel, property structure upgrade, back into the competition in the market."Period of strong also further stated that in addition to zhaolong hotel, Beijing capital tourism group will also be owned by a group of old hotel property reform, such as Beijing international hotel has some rooms into office, joined the new formats, not only that, Beijing capital tourism group will also be some hotel renovation ChengKang project.Beijing capital tourism group in the future will also classifying its Beijing old hotel renovation, gradually let the property to improve the quality, so as to improve efficiency.

Learned, on May 12 this year, Beijing capital tourism to participate in the investment of pension brand thick, chaoyang park community project you officially launched, according to introducing, chaoyang park in Beijing community project is a thick second pension transformed from old hotel apartment, located along, has 440 rooms, formerly known as Beijing capital tourism, yongan hotel.According to the relevant person in charge of the first thick, thick in Beijing is expected to win the first 2020 years home stock property converted endowment apartment in June and July, realize the scale of 3000 beds, there is considerable proportion which will use the old hotel property Beijing capital tourism group.Period of strong also said that in the layout, raising industry, Beijing capital tourism group now doing two projects, one is the original new hotel, north latitude is another wing on the hotel.Although doing well, but Beijing capital tourism for raising industry at present is still in the exploratory stage.

According to the Beijing capital tourism group website shows, at present Beijing capital tourism, samsung and other hotel a total of 11, according to industry forecasts, which can contain some transformation to the old pension apartment hotel, "but from the current operation situation of Beijing capital tourism, some core business circle, the management situation is relatively good hotel will still remain."The director of the China academy of tourism industry Yang Honghao said.

Huamei hotel consultant co., LTD., chief expert knowledge management Zhao Huanyan, said to the old hotel property modification, need careful calculation investment returns."Hotel industry revolution" can succeed, depends on the level of the hotel group decision-making level and management level.