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Baidu issued travel security upgrade plans to introduce risk warning and so on four big steps

Date: 2019-08-17

In the annual summer tourist season, along with the continuous development of network economy, more and more users through baidu search tourist destination, travel experience sharing, the information such as travel booking platform.

In order to ensure the user search experience, August 13, baidu issued travel security upgrade program, launched four steps: user tech-oriented web search travel related keywords, will appear in search results in the contents of advertisements blue shield type "protect" the word identification;APP use baidu search "travel", "freedom" and other travel-related core high frequency keywords, on top of the search results will have corresponding risk warning;The introduction of the third party institution of the Chinese association of the national people's mediators, when users in various sectors such as tourism encounter disputes, can help users using the online rights of way;Using AI techniques, checking up on tourism advertising and natural search results.

According to baidu released "2019 summer travel search user behavior and industry security report shows that Internet tourism industry developed rapidly in recent years, followed by a low trap, high fees, consumer safety problems such as false advertising widely followed, security problem has become a user on the Internet tourism consumption in one of the most concerned problems.The report shows that nearly a third of consumers don't know how to take specific measures for safeguarding rights, how to search activist and complaints.

The reporter understands from baidu, baidu launched the plan is to better protect the safety of Internet tourism consumption.When users click on the "protect" after the word identification, a page will pop up "netizens' rights and interests safeguard plan" of the entrance.After the user login baidu account, travel search keywords, click on ads, such as a false and fraud, etc., thereby causing loss to the actual, can be through this channel to baidu to provide relevant evidence, apply for protection.Use baidu search APP tourist class some core high frequency keywords, there will be a "select normal travel, swim alert unreasonable low price" of consumption, improve user consumption safety awareness.

In addition, baidu has AI technology is used to search advertising inventory and natural search results.As of August 2019, baidu inventory account, 1000 + tourism industry for offline processing problem accounts.In the field of natural search, to "the Hong Kong and Macao swim", "outbound", "day trip" access to the high frequency keywords such as screening, cleaning, 167 bad travel results page.

For the convenience of user rights, baidu also introduced as a third party organization of the society of the national people's mediators, the user can through the combination of online activist, the judgement of the result more objective, justice and authority, greatly enhance the efficiency of the complex disputes, improve the user experience.

The baidu rights plan, launched in 2013 Internet users in nearly six years the program have been upgraded, coverage expanded year by year.In March 2019, baidu for 3 c industry involves the offline services such as maintenance experience, customized upgrade Internet rights protection plan.In June, baidu search mobile terminal (including baidu APP and other mobile browsers) in the search results appeared for the first time on the contents of advertisements "protect" word mark.

News, Beijing normal university, dean of the school of yu guoming thinks, baidu in the past 19 years carries a great deal of Chinese Internet users the most search demand, coupled with the continuous development of information flow in recent years business, has a strong media properties.The travel security upgrade is based on the customer pain points accurately, through the introduction of a third party, online joint handling disputes, let users the applicability of the rights and interests protection plan and functional get promoted, let the consumer rights and interests earnestly safeguard.